The story of Prestige Whitening initially started 11 years ago where she realised her passion for Cosmetic Dentistry. In 2016 she decided to pursue her dream by enrolling to the ‘University of Highlands & Islands’ to become a Dental Hygienist and therapist. In 2020 when the founder and owner Hanife was practising as a cosmetic teeth whitening specialist in Harley Street London and Cambridge. For the duration of her time there, Hanife realised that her patients required an effective product and began to gather information based on what the majority of her clienteles wants and needs. Hanife wanted to create a product which was beneficial for everyone something that they could use in the comfort of there own home, products such as teeth whitening gels without peroxide to help accommodate vegans and provide gels that cause less irritation to the teeth.  
Based on her research she managed to find a non-peroxide teeth whitening product that actually works and complies with the EU regulations. She wanted to create something so special and priceless that it would make you feel Luxurious and Prestige and finally found the product she was looking for. After working closely with UK dental teams, Hanife finally developed a safe and effective non-peroxide teeth whitening formula. 
Prestige Whitening can finally be launched in 2020 with their first non peroxide LED teeth whitening kit. Where it has attracted reasonable share of attention which has been featured on national and international Television and Media; due to all the attention it caused we have been contacted by multiple established dental practices, that are willing to take my product on and promote via there practices.
Even though the story you are reading right now is coming to an end, but for Prestige whitening its just the beginning. 
Our team is working extremely hard to bring out new products to help you discover your smile because we know that our smile is never out of fashion.  
Why don’t you join our bubbly team and experience Prestige Whitening for yourself today!